Original release credits:


1. Lucifer (5:09)


2. You Lie Down With Dogs (3:45)

(Lenny Zakatek - Lead vocal)

3. I'd Rather Be A Man (3:52)

(David Paton - Lead Vocal)

4. You Won't Be There (3:37)

(Dave Townsend - Lead vocal)

5. Winding Me Up (4:00)

(Chris Rainbow - Lead vocal)

6. Damned If I Do (4:50)

(Lenny Zakatek - Lead vocal)

7. Don't Hold Back (3:36)

(Clare Torry - Lead vocal)

8. Secret Garden (4:40)


9. If I Could Change Your Mind (5:49)

(Lesley Duncan - Lead vocal)


Produced by: Alan Parsons

Executive Producer: Eric Woolfson

Orchestra and Choir arranged and conducted by: Andrew Powell

Engineered by: Alan Parsons

Assistant Engineers: Patrick Jauneaud, Dave Siddle

Mastering by: Wally Traugott (USA) and Chris Blair (UK)

Cover design: Hipgnosis

Bass: David Paton

Drums and Percussion: Stuart Elliott

Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Keyboards: Eric Woolfson, Duncan Mackay 

Miscellaneous Instrumental Contributions by: Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson

Backing Vocals: Chris Rainbow, David Paton

The Orchestra of the Munich Chamber Opera Care of Eberhard Schoener

Leader: Sandor Farcas

Orchestra Co-ordinator: Curtis Briggs

Trivia Consultants: Shapiro and Steinberg

Vocals: Lesley Duncan, David Paton, Chris Rainbow, Clare Torry, Dave

Townsend, Lenny Zakatek


Special Thanks to: Damon, Jo, Ruth, Kouki, Christianne, Robert and Anthony,

Doug Hopkins and The Rak Mobile, Dusty Miller, Roger Trinder, Eric Prince,

Polly Rockberger, Smokey, Hazel and countless others


Originally published in the U.K. by Woolfsongs Ltd.

All compositions © 1978 Woolfsongs Ltd./Careers Music Inc.

Administered by Almo Irving Music Inc. for USA

All tracks written by Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons

Used by permission. All rights reserved.


(Chris Rainbow appears by courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.

Dave Townsend appears by courtesy of Phonogram UK.

Lenny Zakatek appears by courtesy of A & M Records.)