Original release credits:


1. La Sagrada Familia (8:44)

(lead vocal - John Miles)

2. Too Late (4:34)

(lead vocal - Lenny Zakatek)

3. Closer To Heaven (5:54)

(lead vocal - Eric Woolfson)

4. Standing On Higher Ground (5:46)

(lead vocal - Geoff Barradale)

5. Money Talks (4:23)

(lead vocal - John Miles)

6. Inside Looking Out (6:19)

(lead vocal Eric Woolfson)

7. Paseo De Gracia (3:43)



Produced by: Alan Parsons

Executive Producer: Eric Woolfson

Orchestral Arrangements by Andrew Powell

Engineered by Alan Parsons and Tony Richards


Vocals: John Miles, Lenny Zakatek, Eric Woolfson, Geoff Barradale, Chris


Bass: Laurie Cottle

Drums and Percussion: Stuart Elliott

Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Synthesizers and Saxophones: Richard "Trix" Cottle

Pianos and Keyboards: Eric Woolfson


Bob Howes conducted the English Chorale and played timps

David Cripp led the horns and John Heley played cello


Recorded 48 track on Sony 3324 digital recorders and mixed via an Amek

Angela automated console to a Sony 1630 system digital master


Recorded at "The Grange" and at Mayfair Studios, England, between October

1985 and August 1986


Thanks to: Keith Slaughter, Steve Webb, Terry Maloney, Roger Quested,

Graham and Mike at Genalog, Bill, Phil, Roy, Mick, Victor, and John

for all their help with the studio at The Grange


Thanks also to: Nick Franks, Jeremy Wilson and Martin Arthurs at Amek, Chris

Hollebone and Phil Wilton at Sony, Ian Sylvester at Audio FX, Eddie Klein,

Phil Hancock at Abbey Road, Noel and Simon at Mayfair, HHB,

Jonathan at Syco Systems


Special thanks to: Wim Schipper and Dennis Fine, Salvador Giménez-Oltra,

Norman Cowan for telling us everything he knew about Antonio Gaudi,

Pete Smith, George Haymer, Eric Prince, David Rockberger, John Branca,

Laser Beam for constant encouragement, Barrie and Margaret Spice, Smokey

and Hazel as always


U.K. Vinyl Mastering: Chris Blair

Geoff Barradale of Vitamin Z appears courtesy of Phonogram Limited and

Geffen Records.

With special thanks to David Simone


All tracks written by Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons

Originally published in the U.K. by Woolfsongs Ltd.

All compositions: © 1985 Woolfsongs Ltd. and Careers Music, Inc. (BMI)

Lyrics used by permission

All rights reserved


Photographs on front cover, innersleeve and in the centre of top and middle

rows on back cover courtesy of FISA, Barcelona, Spain. Other

photographs owned by Ediciones Poligrafa, S.A., Barcelone, Spain


Art Direction & Design: Maude Gilman