-cast recording - WEA Records version-





1. What Are You Going To Do Now?* (5:42)

(lead vocal - Martin Moss and Chorus)

2. Money Talks (5:57)

(lead vocal - Martin Moss)

3. Closer To Heaven (4:40)

(lead vocal - John Cashmore)

4. Standing On Higher Ground (3:48)

(lead vocal - Renee Knapp)

5. Tango Güell* (3:37)


6. Parca Güell* (5:54)

(lead vocal - John Cashmore, Renee Knapp)

7. Puppet Master* (6:14)

(lead vocal - Martin Moss)

8. Inside Looking Out (4:26)

(lead vocal - Renee Knapp)

9. Work Song* (2:55)


10. Too Late (5:19)

(lead vocal - Martin Moss and Renee Knapp)

11. Forbidden Fruit* (6:52)

(lead vocal - Renee Knapp)

12. Lonely Song (Love Can Be Lonely Too)* (6:19)

(lead vocal - John Cashmore)

13. La Sagrada Familia (8:19)

(lead vocal - John Cashmore, Martin Moss,

Renee Knapp and Chorus)


Music and Lyrics by Eric Woolfson

Produced by Eric Woolfson and Haydn Bendall

Engineered by Haydn Bendall

Assistant Engineer Paul Hicks

Digital consultant Ian Sylvester

Mastering consultants Chris Blair and Nick Webb

Orchestra and choir arranged and conducted by Gavin Greenaway

Lead Vocals John Cashmore, Renèe Knapp and Martin Moss


* Published by MELODIE DER WELT FOR GERMANY © 1995. All other

Tracks are published by WOOLFSONGS LTD./CAREERS MUSIC INC.

Administered by CAREERS MUSIC INC. (A division of BMG PUBLISHING)

The tracks on this album are a selection from the Aachen/Alsdorf Productions of

the musical GAUDI'.