1. Golden Key (4:12)

2. Nothing Can Change My Mind (4:00)

3. Rumour Goin' Round (4:39)

4. Any Other Day (3:08)

5. I Can See Round Corners (5:16)

6. Steal Your Heart Away (3:20)

7. Along The Road Together (3:22)

8. Somewhere In The Audience (4:36)

9. Train To Wuxi (4:19)

10. Immortal (6:02)


Although the recordings were made at different places and at different times,

the final mixes were completed by Austin Ince in Abbey Road Studio, October 2008.

I'm also grateful to Austin for the contributions he made to the instrumentation on several tracks

and to Haydn Bendall for his considerable contributions.


All music & lirics - Eric Woolfson

Produced by Eric Woolfson

Engineered by Austin Ince & Haydn Bendall


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Published by Woolfsongs Ltd

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Administered rest of the world by Rolf Budde Musikverlag Gmbh

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