Credits - Sound Check
1-8. Pink noise level and phase checks

9-40. Third octave pink noise

41-43. Sweep tones

44-58. Spot frequencies

59. High level 0dB FS

60-79. Vocal and dry instruments

80-83. Music tracks

84-88. Sound effects

89-92. Utility tracks


Thanks to Carlos Olmes, John Shelton - B&K Laboratories, Berdien Stenberg (flute), Stuart

Elliott (drums), Ian Bairnson (guitars), Richard Cottle (Sax), Peter Osborn of COCO (vocal),

Ken Townsend and Peter Mew at Abbey Road, Peter Cox, KPM


The Race by Yello from Yello Flag album 836 778-2 courtesy Phonogram Records.

Limelight by The Alan Parsone Project from Stereotomy album 610-581-222, courtesy Arista Records.

Selected material from Tradewinds by Graham de Wilde and Mitch Dalton courtesy KPM music.

Back's Toccata and Fugue in D minor - Daniel Chorzempa, organist, from PH 410 038-2

courtesy Philips Records.

The test signals on Sound Check were generated with a Bruel and Kjaer Sine / Noise

Generator Type 1049 and recorded digitally using a high quality 16-bit linear

analogue to digital converter with Delta Sigma conversion.

The post production and final editing was performed on the Sonic Solutions system at

Abbey Road Studios, London.

Copyright 1993, Soundcheck Productions, A. Parsons & S. J. Court.

All rights of the producer and the recorded work reserved.

Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting or rental of this recording prohibited


For further information contact:

Soundcheck Productions on (UK) 0753 833524



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