1. Angel Of The Odd (2:44)

- Studio Recording (Instrumental Overture) -

2. Tiny Star (4:11)

- Studio Recording (Vocals: Melinda Hughes) -

3. Wings Of Eagles (4:44)

- Studio Recording (Vocals: Steve Balsamo) -

4. The Murders In The Rue Morgue (4:36)

- Studio Recording (Vocals: Eric Woolfson, Steve Balsamo & The Metro Voices) -

5. Blinded By The Light (4:32)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: Steve Balsamo & Anna-Jane Casey) -

6. The Pit And The Pendulum (6:36)

- Studio Recording (Vocals: Steve Balsamo) -

7. The Raven (2:18)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: David Burt) -

8. It Doesn't Take A Genius (2:21)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: David Burt & James Gillan) -

9. The Bells (5:32)

- Studio Recording (Choir: The Metro Voices) -

10. Goodbye To All That (4:48)

- Studio Recording (Choirs: Brighton Festival Chorus & The Metro Voices) -

11. The Devil I Know (3:21)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: Juliette Caton and Ensemble) -

12. Somewhere In The Audience (5:29)

- Live Concert Performance / Studio Recording (Vocals: Steve Balsamo) -

13. Trust Me (4:19)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: David Burt and Ensemble) -

14. Annabel Lee / Let The Sun Shine On Me (3:38)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: Steve Balsamo, Anna-Jane Casey and Ensemble) -

15. Train To Freedom (4:35)

- Studio Recording (Vocals: Fred Johanson) -

16. What Fools People Are (2:51)

- Live Concert Performance (Vocals: David Burt) -

17. Immortal (5:37)

- Studio Recording (Vocals: Steve Balsamo) -


All Music & Lyrics by Eric Woolfson

Produced by Eric Woolfson

Engineered by Austin Ince & Haydn Bendall



Drums: Ralph Salmins, Ian Thomas

Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Martin Ditcham

Bass: Lawrence Cottle

Guitars: John Parricelli

Keyboards: Simon Chamberlain, Alf Clewlow, Eric Woolfson, Haydn Bendall

Irish Fiddle: Dermot Crehan


Additional Live Concert Musicians:

Violin: Dermot Crehan

Cello: Bozidar Vukotic

Woodwind: Phil Todd

Horn: Richard Watkins



Steve Balsamo, David Burt, Anna-jane Casey, Melinda Hughes, Juliette Caton, fred Johanson, James Gillan,

Karen Davis, Angela Bradley, Andrew Bolton, William Kenning, Ceri-Anne Gregory, Shona White, Mark O'Malley, Suzanne Richardson,

Richard Tate, Ian Mowat, Gail MacKinnon, Rob Thompson, Stefan Ryhs Williams, Christian Phillips, Eric Woolfson.


Orchestras & Choirs Arranged and/or Conducted by:

Simon Chamberlain, David Firman, Simon Hale and Emlyn Singleton.

Choirs: The Brighton Festival Chorus and The Metro Voices (Led by Jenny O'Grady)

Orchestral & Choir Contractors: Isobel Griffiths, Maurice Cambridge and Jenny O'Grady

Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright


These recordings are a combination of studio and live concert performances.

The recordings were made at Abbey Road Studios, Air Studios, Whitfield Street Studios and the studios at The Dower House and Little Manor.

Mixed at Abbey Road Studios, Strongroom, The Dower House and Little Manor.

Mastering Consultants: Chris Blair (at Abbey Road Studios) and Austin Ince.

Re-mix Engineer: Austin Ince.


Special Thanks to: Hazel, Sally & Lorna, Nick Seddon, Marc Cavington, Richard Zuckerman, Collette Barber and all at Abbey Road,

John de Jong & Jerome Misaar, Clive Hirschorn, Nicky Forsyth, Elliot Davis, Bettina Migge, John Havu and all at Gallissas.


Abbey Road Concert Photography: Phil Dent

Sleeve Design: Ryan Art




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Published by Woolfsongs Ltd

Administered in the UK & Ireland by Woolfsongs Ltd (MCPS)

Administered rest of the world by Rolf Budde Musikverlag Gmbh

All Rights Reserved.


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