"A Dream Within A Dream"

Turin (Italy) - saturday July 5, 2014



original vocalist from The Alan Parsons Project



Live video calls with

Alan Parsons and Sally Woolfson


"Stereotomy" Tribute Band concert

Exhibition of rare vinyl collection


Page written by Francesco Ferrua 


We are pleased to announce a great event for all The Alan Parsons Project fans, a unique opportunity not only to spend a day with the music that we love, but above all to meet in person with an extraordinary singer that with his voice has become over the years one of the pillars of the Project, Mr. Lenny Zakatek!!!

(A recent picture of Lenny Zakatek in concert)


Fifteen years after the first meeting of Italian fans of The Project organized under the name of "The Parsons Day " and ten years since the last meeting, it is with great pleasure that we invite you all to the first public gathering of Italian The Alan Parsons Project fans. The event, of course, also open to fans around the world, will be held in Turin, Saturday July 5, 2014, starting at 16.

The meeting, which was born from the passion of the writer and from a dream matured in common with the friend German Impache, leader of the cover band called "Stereotomy", will be held at the charming covered courtyard of "Il Maglio" cocktail bar (http://ilmagliotorino.wix.com/pauer), via Andreis 18/16 , Borgo Dora, Turin, and it will be free entrance.

The event is characterized by a series of interesting activities, among which the presence of the legendary Lenny Zakatek (accompanied by keyboardist Steve Jeffries) is only the icing on the cake. Starting in the afternoon, will take place two live video calls, one with Sally Woolfson, daughter of the late Eric, the other with the wizard of sound in person, Mr. Alan Parsons, and then will come in the evening the TAPP tribute concert played by the "Stereotomy" band. Added to all this there will be an exhibition of a wide selection of the most interesting vinyl rarities from the TAPP world .

(Eric and Sally Woolfson)


Let's look in more detail the program of the event:



Brief introduction on the history of Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson, the Project and Lenny Zakatek


Interview with Lenny Zakatek and presentation of his new album

(for your questions read the following paragraphs)


Lenny meets the fans, with the opportunity of autographs and pictures together


Interview via live video call with Sally Woolfson, daughter of the late Eric, to remember the father figure

(for your questions read the following paragraphs)





Interview via live video call with Alan Parsons

(for your questions read the following paragraphs)


"Stereotomy" tribute band concert. During the concert Lenny Zakatek will rise on stage accompanied by keyboardist Steve Jeffries to present live some songs from his new album... and who knows, maybe he will join the "Stereotomy" band to delight us with his interpretation of some TAPP classic songs!

(Lenny Zakatek together with Eric and Alan on year 1981)


The timetable given above are approximate, in particular with regard to video calls with Alan and Sally. Consistent with the commitments of Mr. Parsons, the timetable may be subject of slight variations or the two calls may be sequence reversed. We will be able to confirm times with approaching of the event.

During the meeting, there will be an exhibition of some of the most interesting vinyl items from the TAPP collection, a rare opportunity to see with your own eyes some real rarities.


Each of you has the opportunity to take part in a special way to interviews with Lenny, Alan and Sally. In fact, by June 5, you can post your questions, up to a maximum of two for each of the three artists at theparsonsday@libero.it . Questions will be selected and those considered to be the most interesting will be asked during the interviews.


Don't forget to follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/216983918425865/ and to indicate your presence at the event.


Doing finally a public "The Parsons Day" meeting, without any limitation in space and number of participants, and to have a special guest as Lenny Zakatek is without any doubt what we can define a dream within a dream... we are waiting for you!!!


- - -


Special thanks to: Livio from "Il Maglio" for the logistic support - Lenny "The Voice" Zakatek to honor us with his presence - Sally Woolfson, Alan, Lisa and Tabitha Parsons for their kindness and availability - Carla Savergnini and Sara Perinelli for their unvaluable help with the English language.

We also want to thank: all members of the tribute band "Stereotomy" for their participation and for continuing to believe in the Project, with special thanks to Laura for moral support - Elisa Ghione for sharing the dream - Dario Pompili for having conceived the Parsons Days.

- - -

The organization accepts no liability for any damage to persons or property throughout the event.