1. Angel Of The Odd (2:32)


2. Wings Of Eagles (4:45)

(lead vocal: Steve Balsamo)

3. Train To Freedom (5:11)

(lead vocal: Fred Johanson)

4. Somewhere In The Audience (4:47)

(lead vocal: Steve Balsamo)

5. The Bells (5:31)

(Choir: The Metro Voices)

The Pit And The Pendulum

6. - Part 1 (2:31)

7. - Part 2 (2:02)

8. - Part 3 (2:02)

(lead vocal: Steve Balsamo)

9. The Murders In The Rue Morgue (4:35)

(lead vocal: Eric Woolfson; Narrative: Steve Balsamo)

10. Tiny Star (2:44)

(lead vocal: Steve Balsamo)

11. Goodbye To All That (4:46)

(Choirs: Brighton Festival Chorus & The Metro Voices; Quotation: Orson Welles)

12. Immortal (5:29)

(lead vocal: Steve Balsamo)


Music and Lyrics: Eric Woolfson

Published by Woolfsongs Ltd. / Hazel Music b.v.

Administered by Woolfsongs Ltd.

Copyright & Licensing enquiries: e-mail enquiries@poe-cd.com

p & c 2003 LimeLight Records, a division of Woolfsongs Ltd.


Producer: Eric Woolfson

Recording Engineers: Haydn Bendall, Austin Ince

Re-mix Engineer: Austin Ince

Assistant Engineers: Mirek Stiles, Richard Lancaster, Chris Clark, Charlie Andrew

Mastering Cosultant: Chris Blair, Abbey Road Studios

5.1 Mastering: Peter Mew, Abbey Road Studios

Recorded at: Abbey Road Studios, The Dower House & Whitfield Street Studios (1997-2003)

Re-mixed at: Abbey Road Studios


Drums: Ralph Salmins, Ian Thomas

Bass: Laurence Cottle

Guitars: John Parricelli

Keyboards: Eric Woolfson, Simon Chamberlain, Haydn Bendall

Sequencing: Haydn Bendall, Austin Ince

L.A. Percussion: Martin Ditcham & Ralph Salmins

Irish Fiddle: Dermot Crehan


Orchestral arrangements by: Eric Woolfson, Simon Chamberlain

Choirs Arranged & Conducted by: Emlyn Singleton

Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths

Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright

Lead Vocalists: Steve Balsamo, Fred Johanson, Eric Woolfson

Backing Vocalists: Eric Woolfson, Steve Balsamo, Fred Johanson, Rob Thompson, Stefan Rhys Williams, Christian Phillips.

Choirs: The Brighton Festival Chorus & The Metro Voices (led by Jenny O'Grady)


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Hazel, Sally & Lorna, Nick Seddon, Richard Zuckerman, Andy Richmond & Oliver Comberti, Elliot Davis,

Collette Barber and all at Abbey Road, John de Jong & Jeroen Misaar, Clive Hirschorn, Nicky Forsyth, William Haighton & Ged Malone,

Rick Myersin and Bruce McDougal.


Design: Ryan Art, Photography: Dave Hare

Model: Hayley Mackin, Stylist: Jo Dawn, Make-up: Linda McKnight

Raven body double: Eric Woolfson