Chapter 1. Angel Of The Odd

Chapter 2. Wings Of Eagles

Chapter 3. The Murders In The Rue Morgue

Chapter 4. What Fools People Are

Chapter 5. Blinded By The Light

Chapter 6. Tiny Star

Chapter 7. The Pit And The Pendulum

Chapter 8. The Raven

Chapter 9. It Doesn't Take A Genius

Chapter 10. Goodbye To All That

Chapter 11. The Bells

Chapter 12. The Devil I Know

Chapter 13. Tiny Star - Reprise 1

Chapter 14. Somewhere In The Audience

Chapter 15. Trust Me

Chapter 16. Let The Sun Shine On Me

Chapter 17. Train To Freedom

Chapter 18. Tiny Star - Reprise 2

Chapter 19. What Fools People Are - Reprise

Chapter 20. Somewhere In The Audience - Reprise

Chapter 21. Immortal

Chapter 22. Curtain Call & Wings Of Eagles - Reprise


Extra. Setting Up At Abbey Road


Music & Lyrics - Eric Woolfson

Original book - Eric Woolfson

Adaptation For Abbey Road - Phil Willmott



Poe - Steve Balsamo

Griswold - David Burt

Elmire - Anna-Jane Casey

Virginia - Juliette Caton

Reynolds - James Gillan

Elizabeth - Karen Davis



Angela Bradley

Andrew Bolton

Ceri Anne Gregory

Gail Mackinnon

Ian Mowat

Mark O'Malley

Richard Tate

Shona White

Suzanne Richardson

William Kenning



Violin - Dermot Creham

Cello - Bozidar Vukotic

Woodwind - Phil Todd

Horn - Richard Watkins

Drums - Ian Thomas

Bass - Laurence Cottle

Guitars - John Parricelli

Keyboards - Simon Chamberlain / Alf Clelow



Producer - Elliot Davis

Director - Phil Willmott

Musical Director - David Firman

Chorus Master - Harry Koning

Piano/Vocal Score Arranger - Harry Koning

Choreographer - Mitch Sebastian

Set Design & Costume - Christopher Woods

Executive Producer - Sally Seddon

Producer For The Screen - Lorna Woolfson

Assistant Director - Deborah Glazer

Musical Arrangers - Simon Chamberlain / Simon Hale

Choir Arranger - Emlyn Singleton

Recording Engineer - Austin Ince

Runner - Mireille Handover

Stage Manager - Judith Bennett

Casting Director - Pippa Aillion

Assistant to Casting Director - Sharon Sorrentino

Orchestral Contractor - Maurice Cambridge

Rehearsal Pianist - Karl Pendlebury

Musical Copyst - Dakota Music Services

Production Manager - Steve Levitt / Sarah Hollis

Set Production Manager - Mat Darby

Lighting - Tellson James

Seating - Arena Seating

Costumes - Academy Costumes

Monitor Engineer - Nigel Fogg

Sound Engineer - Charlie Jones

Rigger - Danny Spratt

Brand Design - Ryan Art

Photography - David Hare

Advertising - Guy Chapman Assoc.

Video Director - Lee Ford for Wildlight Media

Abbey Road Concert Photography - Phil Dent

Programme Design - Ryan Art



Finance & Personnel - Hazel Woolfson

Business & Marketing - Sally Seddon

Video Production - Lorna Woolfson

Promotions - Nick Seddon

Executive Stress Reliever - Toby Seddon (aged 19 months!)



Clive Hirschorn,

Collette Barber and all at Abbey Road Studios

and Peter Fawn


All music & lyrics - Eric Woolfson

Produced by Eric Woolfson

Engineered by Austin Ince & Haydn Bendall

Published by Woolfsongs Ltd / Hazel Music b.v.

(p) & Woolfsongs Ltd 2003/2009





P&C 2003/2009 Limelight Records, a division of Woolfsongs Ltd


All rights of the manufacturer & of the owner of the recorded work reserved.

Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance & broadcasting prohibited.


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